About HSP

HEARDSONG Productions LLC is the brainchild and vision of William Nemon Heard, minister, singer, songwriter/arranger, and producer. HSP currently serves as record label, Production Company, and distributor for the sacred series Songs from the Sanctuary Hymns Spirituals and Classics Gospels, Volumes I, II, & III, presenting and preserving the rich and diverse worship tradition of the African American worship experience. HSP serves not only as a repository of sacred songs, but is also a vehicle through which these sacred sonnets will be exposed globally. Along with this trilogy of historical treasures, Heard has vision for four additional Volumes in this series under the themes of Christmas, The Funeral Songs, Communion & Christ’s Passion, and the Main-Line Churches (Baptist, Methodist, and C.O.G.I.C./Pentecostal denominations).

 The impetus for this musical vision was forged in:

  • Over five decades of singing in the Black Church as congregant, choir member, and soloist,
  • Over three decades as choral conductor and Precenter (song leader/Psalmist), ensemble and choir organizer,
  • Worship experiences with many Christian denominations and cultures,
  • Research in the history of African American music,
  • Studies in music of sundry sacred genres, the connection between the preaching moment and sacred music, as well as changing trends in the music of the church,
  • Concerts, workshops, lectures, and sacred artistic presentations in America and India, and beyond through the World Wide Web.

Heard, when asked about the inspiration for these projects, shares, “Every song I’ve ever heard or sung since I was carried to my father’s church as an infant influences these performances and renditions.  HSP serves as a conduit from my heart and soul through these compilations to the rest of the world. HSP is but one facet of a dream Heard has had for future ventures in sound recordings, video and short films productions, documentaries, concerts, workshops, and “Instant choirs”.

A new project is also available produced by Princeton Theological Seminary as the final in a trilogy of Bicentennial Celebration albums (PTS 1812 – 2012). A Meditation on the Spirituals features narrations by Dr. Peter Paris (Professor Emeritus PTS) , vocals by Heard, and the keyboard expressions of Minister Michael R. Gittens, choral assistant (PTS), director of music and worship consultant at the historic Kaighn Avenue Baptist church, Camden New Jersey.

These historical works mark the advent of forthcoming musical projects that will feature original and arranged songs influenced by various styles of music from traditional and contemporary gospel, spirituals, and hymns, to urban and contemporary genres of R&B, pop, calypso, jazz, country, reggae, hip hop, Latin, and rock, the first project entitled “Love Like This!”. These songs will have a more urban flavor but while still purveying the gospel message.

Heard says of the music he grew up singing from his childhood, “I believe that the power of sacred music is the move of the Spirit of God upon the spirit of humanity bringing about catharsis, illumination, empowerment, liberation, and education.  Its purpose is to glorify God, encourage the body of Christ, and to introduce the masses to message and ministry of Jesus the Christ. I believe that the sacred songs are the Word sung –the proclamation of the ‘good news of the gospel’ - accompanied by God’s majestic gifts of melody and music.”

 To God be the Glory!